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We can put the “human touch” into your office for peak workloads, special projects, staff vacations, or illnesses. You’ll save time and money by having us take charge of your workflow design, identify the need roles; and match the required skills. We handle your entire Human Resources functions and give you in total comfort and peace of mind. You pay almost half the standard cost of retaining an in-house department. We represent new breed of professionals equipped with today’s most critical skills for your office environments. Our people are chosen for your assignment through our extensive skills matching database containing thousands of highly qualified supplemental staffers with hundreds of skills to meet your exact specifications.

N&C Impact Care Solutions is here to help you achieve your company’s goals. You need to reach more customers, improve your processes and hire great talent to be part of your team.

Please visit the individual pages below to learn more about how working with us can benefit your company:

List of Services

  • 1. Quality Assurance & Mock Surveys
  • 2. Office Operational Support
  • 3. Human Resources & Payroll
  • 4. Recruiting, Staffing & Training
  • 5. Marketing & Business Development
  • 6. Billing & Billing Compliance Audit
  • 7. Contracts & Documentation
  • 8. Start Up Consulting Services
  • 9. Data & Record Management
  • 10.Regulatory Compliant Service

We offer great affordable rates for all. We will match your budget anytime, any day. Give us your current labor rate and we will match half of that. We offer:

  • Per Hour
  • Per Diem
  • Per month
  • Per Project; or
  • Annual Contract

There are Retainership and Contract rates available. We also accept on-site support orders to meet your needs. Call now & get personalized free consultation!

N&C Impact Care Solutions
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